SAYED HAIDER RAZA (1922-2016) Sun, 2008 Bronze... - Lot 4 - Néo Enchères

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15000 - 20000 EUR
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SAYED HAIDER RAZA (1922-2016) Sun, 2008 Bronze... - Lot 4 - Néo Enchères
SAYED HAIDER RAZA (1922-2016) Sun, 2008 Bronze bas-relief Signed, titled, dated, numbered III/IV and inscribed "Édition du Gour" in felt-tip pen on the back 80 x 40 x 7 cm Provenance Artist's studio Private collection We would like to thank the Raza Foundation Gorbio for confirming the authenticity of this work, referenced in the archives of Mr. Sayed Haider Raza under number RF BS34. A certificate of authenticity will be given to the buyer. Sayed Haidar Raza's bronzes reflect his distinctive artistic style and mastery of form. These captivating bronze sculptures are a testament to the artist's artistic vision. Raza has explored different forms and motifs in her bronze sculptures, combining elegance and power. Her works exude a palpable energy, capturing the essence of her ideas and artistic expression. Each bronze is carefully crafted, with particular attention to detail and finish. Textures and harmonious forms create an immersive visual experience, inviting the viewer to explore the multiple dimensions of the work. It is interesting to note that artist S.H. Raza began designing bronzes relatively late in his career, starting in 2007. He worked in collaboration with French publishers, such as du Gour, to bring these bronze sculptures to life. His bronzes, like his ceramics, are the fruit of collaboration between artist and publisher. The Raza Foundation Gorbio, established by the artist himself in his will, holds the contracts and archives associated with these collaborations. These archives are invaluable, as they bear witness to the creative process of these sculptures and to the artistic relationship between Raza and the French publishers. Raza's bronzes are often seen as an extension of his pictorial work. They reflect his ongoing exploration of geometric forms and Indian spirituality. The bronze sculptures offer a tactile, three-dimensional dimension to Raza's characteristic aesthetic, and enable viewers to better appreciate his unique artistic language.
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